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2nd Album「Like a Wolf」

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2022.5.25 release 2nd Album「Like a Wolf」 1.静 2.Wide Pupil 3.Howling 4.Like a Wolf 5.Part of the Soil 6.399 7.Interlude 8.透けた日 9.牙ピアス 10.Dive Deep 11.Plod 12.羽化 13.Konton (※CD版のみボーナストラック) - Guest Musician - *内橋和久 *カナミネケイタロウ *Happy Axe (From Melbourne) - Sound Producer - *Satoshi Yoshioka - Commented by - *山本精一 - Artwork by - *Sakurako Fujii PDQC-1660 Format: CD Label: THANKS GIVING / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC

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